Bub Maniac Moonrock


Bub Maniac Moonrock

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Smoking Bub Maniac Moonrock is pure luxury. The combination of sensations that overcome you is like your first taste of an exquisite food
like a fine cheese, or the excellent taste of a very good wine first sip and the anticipation of what next to come.

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Bub Maniac Moon Rocks Original OG weed is one of the strongest weed we’ve encountered. Cannabis Moon Rocks Pre-Roll Blunt Original OG weed are made of super potent cannabis buds, we’re talking some of the strongest medical cannabis weed strains in the world, dipped in hash oil and then rolled in the same cannabis strains
specific kiefs for enhanced cannabis medical effects. Cannabis Moon Rocks Pre-Roll Blunt Original OG weed contain more than 51% THC and is also high in CBD with
a 5% CBD keif added.

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